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The first step of creating a lock on your store is choosing who can access the content that you are locking:

The choice is divided into 4 main categories:
login status: you can choose who can access the locked content based on their login status, either logged in or non-logged in, this selection has no more filters.
Selection status: you can choose wither a selection of customers are allowed or locked from viewing the locked content.

This selection has two main filters: By Rule, and Manual selection, each of them has its own rules:

For the "By Role" it contains multiple roles, you can choose one or multiple
list of rules

you can also choose how to use the multiple rules, either combined using the "Add And rule" button, or using the "Or" button to select another rule in case the other doesn't match, here are examples of the two ways:

And Add Rule

Or Rule

For the manual selection it has two options:

Select customers option allows you to search your store customers and select one by one:

The Import emails list would open a window asking you to upload file

Location: you can choose how is allowed/not allowed to view content based on their geolocation

This selection has only one option, a button that allows you to choose the country/countries you want to allow/not allow

please note that a visitor using a VPN might be able to view content that are not meant for their location!
Please note that this feature works on country level, it does not work on state or city level!

Password and access link: That selection would allow you to password lock content, and share the content link and password with users to allow them to view the locked content.

The password and access link method is not 100% secure, page content will still be indexable by search engines and someone with coding skills may get content of that page using some hacks. If you need completely secure solution - use Selected customers option instead!

Updated on: 02/18/2024

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