How to lock your store content

Locking your store content is just as the app name suggests: "Easy".

The first step is to go to the app "Dashboard, then press "create lock"

then, you would need to choose the lock criteria

as seen in the past screen shot the app has 4 main categories of locks: Based on login status, based on selection, based on geolocation, and based on access.

the locking categories are explained in detail in this article

Note: on the right side you would see the progress bar and a tab to name your lock, plus the lock type and its status

after that, press next on the top of screen to move to the next page, to choose when the lock should be activated

On the next page, you can choose which content to lock

Each content would offer you different options to choose from, and the last page before activating your Lock will also differ based on your selection, the content selection is explained in more detail HERE.

the final step would be to choose how the content is locked

At the bottom of this selection, you would see the option to "Hide locked listings" and "Hide all links to locked content", that is used to hide the collection and its products from other pages and from the search on your store

The final step would be to hit the Save button, once you press save, you would be redirected to the main dashboard page, to see all your locks listed.

Updated on: 02/18/2024

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